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Kelly & Nick

Location: Dayton Arcade, Dayton Ohio

Music: cinematic - salsa - bachata - Justin Bieber inspired

Style: black & white influence, super 8 influence, fast paced

Storytelling: ceremony custom vows, officiant audio, first look, 5 toasts

Fun fact: this wedding video was filmed over two days in both Cincinnati and Dayton!

A night of dance and salsa was love at first sight

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(click the full-screen button to remove the overlapping white box)

Sydney & Austin

Location: The Grande Hall, Dayton, Ohio

Music: romantic at first, later upbeat

Style: romantic, airy, and well-flowed storytelling

Storytelling: couple interviews, priest, 4 toasts

Fun fact: 3 cameras were used for the first dance - a wide, medium, and tight lens

A perfectly matched seating chart > study-buddy > wife

Sequence 01.00_02_09_11.Still006.png

Madison & Luke

Ceremony: Wapakoneta, Ohio

Reception: Botkins, Ohio

Music: country, sports game-day entrance & romantic influence

Style: Christ focused & biblical, romantic + partying/fun upbeat


Storytelling: letter reading, priest audio, 5 toasts

Fun Fact: This is one of the longest highlight films I have put out

-- because it needed to be!

From an early age, these two knew they had something special  

Sequence 01.00_06_44_10.Still012.png

Jordan & Noah

Ceremony: New Bremen, Ohio

Reception: Russia, Ohio

Music & Vibe: Pop/Dance, Edgy + Fun

Storytelling: Letter Reading, 4 Toasts, first look

Fun fact: The gold/purple look outside was just a blank wall on the back of the venue and one small overhead light.  Heavy color grading in post created the purple/orange glow.

A senior trip and pizza rolls brought these two together

in the most memorable way possible

Sequence 01.00_03_01_21.Still008.png

Lydia & Paul

Ceremony: Holy Rosary Catholic Church, St. Mary's Ohio

Reception: Minster K of C Hall

Music & Vibe: Romantic, 60s influence

Style: Vintage/Warm/Moody/Hollywood Glamour


Storytelling: Priest, 4 Toasts

Fun fact: This couple's first dance was At Last by Etta James, a 60s classic,

which is the song at the end of the video

"Paul calls in and he quits his job - just so he can hang out with Lydia!"

Sequence 01.00_00_13_06.Still013.png

Casey & Derek

Ceremony: St. Augustine, Minster, OH

Reception: Minster K of C Hall

Music: cinematic & romantic

Style: Religious, romantic, & family focused


Storytelling: interviews, priest homily, 4 toasts

Fun fact: sunset of the church was filmed a couple days before

to get that perfect glow!

"Most importantly, you both look so happy, and we're so happy you have found each other.  Even though we all know it's always been god's plan"

Sequence 01.00_04_26_08.Still017.png

Lauren & Aaron

Ceremony: New Bremen

Reception: St. Michael's Hall, Ft. Loramie, OH

Music & Vibe: Romantic with light country and upbeat mix

Style: Moody, Warm, Dramatic Cinematic

Storytelling: Letter reading, priest, 3 Toasts

Fun fact: I was in the graduating class at Loramie with the groom.  Also, we filmed the bride's cousin Jordan's wedding (which is above!)

"little did I know, that I had met the man that I would one day marry"

Sequence 01.00_00_54_11.Still019.png

Katie & Jordan

Ceremony: Holy Angels, Sidney, OH

Reception: High Acre, Piqua OH

Music & Vibe: Romantic with light country and upbeat mix

Style: Moody, Warm, Cinematic, Fun

Storytelling: Letter reading, priest, 3 Toasts

Fun fact: We had to make this couple a blooper reel because there were so many hilarious moments

"true love always expands -- when it is founded in God, who is love itself"

Sequence 01.00_03_49_18.Still021.png

Why the highlight film?

A video that won't just sit on the shelf

We believe the highlight film is a must-have element of your footage delivery.  This is the video you will come back to and watch again and again. 


Yes, these videos are really cool, but there is so much more to it than that. 


This is a video you will feel -- that takes you through a tailored journey of re-living a top moment of your lives.  The cinematics, story, and flow are all a part of making a piece of art that is real magic to watch.

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