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After working in marketing, I first discovered my love for film while working to get my dad elected. 

The art of telling his story and values through video was so powerful and I went on to work with commissioners, sheriffs, and judges.  Jumping into wedding filmmaking felt like the natural next step in storytelling.

Fast forward to now, I have been filming weddings full-time for over three years.  

Crafting music, voiceovers, and emotion into a well packaged video is a passion for me like no other and I am so blessed to work with the most amazing couples.


Luke Carter: Owner, Editor, Videographer






We don't just capture. 

tell your story.

I believe the moments we share with family, friends, and God represent the rawness and magic of our human experience.

They are what is most important and what life is all about.

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We deliver our footage with a custom private website which stays up for ten years.  This allows for easy sharing, streaming, casting to a TV, and downloading to phones and computers.


In addition to the highlight film we provide:

  • reception speech edit

  • vows edit

  • readings and homily edit (when applicable)

  • all raw footage (unedited, hours of footage from start to finish)

Additional edits may be given depending on the couple's wishes.

A delivery method that stands the test of time

Everything is more fun with friends

My second shooter assistant crew (who assists me at weddings) is made up of 4 passionate people (pictured left to right). Kesha, Dani, Chayna, Emily who bring a fun and energetic atmosphere to every wedding.  I bring 1 - 2 assistants per wedding.  

Some of my recent work

Over 150 weddings filmed


Crimson Lane, Ada, OH

Outdoor Ceremony


Gorgeous Sunset


Minster, OH

Couple Interviews

Religious, Catholic Mass



Cincinnati Area

Letter Reading

Beautiful Latin Mass

Balloon Release


High Acre Farm, Piqua

Letter Reading


Heartfelt and Fun


Minster, OH

Beautiful Church Shots

Catholic Mass

Live Band

Fun, goofy, romantic

Anchor pricing
  • What makes you unique?
    All of my wedding films are audio focused. I tailor my wedding films to each couple and their personality/desires. I believe a wedding film should be like a little window into the lives of my couples. I also have a second shooter at every wedding. This allows for more angles, more footage, and for us to be very fast and efficient when working with the photographer.
  • Do you have backup equipment and ways to protect our day in case anything goes wrong?
    Yes, all audio from the day will have multiple audio sources in case anything happens. Reception speeches have 3 sources of audio for example and we have 4 different wearable mics for various situations throughout the day. We have a 3-4 camera set up as well.
  • Is there a time limit to your packages?
    Our packages are all day 10am to 9pm We believe in giving the best possible video to our abilities every time and this window typically covers the entire day. For couples who need additional time, this is an add-on we offer to our packages. We typically start the day with bridal prep (for example at a salon or home) and end once we have adequate dance footage and after any sendoff (typically ending around 9pm). We can adapt this schedule to however you prefer, however!
  • What is your turnaround time?
    Due to the labor intensive nature of video editing, our turnaround time for the highlight film is 7-12 weeks. Extended footage is delivered with the highlight film.
  • Why does videography cost as much as it does?
    While many of our videos can take just a few minutes to watch, the work behind the scenes is much longer. A 4-6minute highlight film can easily take 30 hours of editing after looking through hours of footage and piecing everything together. This is our full time job, not just a hobby. It is also no secret that camera equipment can be very expensive, a single lens can be thousands of dollars.
  • Do you have payment plans? When is the payment due?
    Our retainer due to book is 25% of the total cost. The remaining payment is due by 2 weeks before the wedding day. Some couples will pay the remaining amount in increments before the 2 weeks which I keep track of.
  • How much money does the average couple spend with you?
    The average couple spends about $2,600 - 2,900 on our services. Please visit our INVESTMENT page of the website for more information.

You've dreamt about this day, now re-live it digitally 

© 2023 by Dream It Digital LLC., Luke Carter, Owner

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