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Luke Carter

Owner, Lead Videographer, Editor

Thank you so much for your patience as we work to create something really special. 


The average wedding takes over 30 hours of solid editing and we typically have a queue of edits to finish before we will get to yours.  May, June, September, October, November, and December are especially busy months for us.

Please see the below editing que to see the order in which we will be editing.  Our current estimated turnaround from the wedding day is:

7-9 weeks

Our Editing Queue (Highlight & Extended Footage)

Stefanie & Dylan Delivered 1/12/23

Kara & Kyle Delivered 1/19/23

Kayla & Austin Delivered 1/26/23

Lindsey & Ethan Delivered 2/4/23

Ashley & Tony Delivered 2/9/23

Kristen & Jared Delivered 2/19/23

Lydia & Paul Delivered 2/21/23

Emma & Patrick Delivered 2/28/23

Tana & Caleb Delivered 3/3/23

Maria & Austin Delivered 3/10/23

Christy & Mike Halfway, footage sorting and extended edits, highlight storyboard

Mak & Jacob

Jerrica & Troy

Kattie & Troy

Jacey & Clay

Heather & Zach

Ava & Zach

Torie & Korey


Thank you for your patience!

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